Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Kimmel pay tribute to David Letterman at the 35th Kennedy Center Honors awards ceremony (12/02/2012)

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David Letterman, host of Clover Power


Issue 538: “The Comedy Issue” Johnny Carson and David Letterman

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Thank you, David , for thirty years of laughter.

“Who was this Dave Letterman guy?”

“Mr. David Letterman, as I call him out of respect and fear, has unknowingly been a family friend of mine since I was 10 years old. My mom Jeanne and I spent every weekday morning of the summer of 1980 watching ‘The David Letterman Show.’ While some kids went canoeing and learned sailor knots at camp, I spent that summer drinking Pathmark instant iced tea and watching my mom laugh at Dave. I can’t tell you how happy the show made her. It was like she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. There was actually a daytime show that made her laugh. Amid a sea of saccharine talk shows and idiotic soap operas was this weirdly floating gem. Was this Dave Letterman guy a brilliant, subtle, passive-aggressive parody of a talk show host? Or just a Midwestern goon who was a little bit “off?” Well, here we are, 32 years later, and time has proven… that there’s really no way of knowing.” — Tina Fey, at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (2012)

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Kennedy Center 2012 Honors attendees gather for a group photo (seated, L-R) U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Honorees Blues Legend Buddy Guy, Ballerina Natalia Makarova, actor Dustin Hoffman, Producer Michael Stevens, (standing, L-R) Chairman David Rubenstein, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Honorees rock band Led Zeppelin members, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, late night television host David Letterman, President Michael Kaiser and actress Meryl Streep at the U.S. State Department after a gala dinner for the Honorees, in Washington DC, December 1, 2012.



Anderson Cooper: Dave, I’m gay. We don’t do this kind of thing [x]


David Letterman Working at the McDonalds Drive Through

This is a classic and one of my favourite ever sketches.